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Yoga for Complete Beginners

New to yoga or taken a long break?

Learn in a small group setting in-studio with this structured series of 4 classes.


This course includes recorded tutorials on foundational poses and transitions. You'll also get one full recorded class at the end of every chapter.


Have a busy schedule? This course is also available online - practice at your own pace, with 6 months access to repeat it as you like.


What You'll Learn in These 4 Chapters


Breath, Foundational Postures
& Transitions

I hope you're excited to learn! You'll find videos on ujjayi breathing, commonly repeated foundational postures, basic salutations with lunges, and a breakdown of some side facing poses.


Safe & Effective Twists for the Spine

Let's get twisty. There will be an introduction on what to pay attention to in different types of twists and you'll also see some common compensatory patterns. I'd like to help you have a more effective twist.


Connecting to Different Parts
of the Core

Ah, the core. We'll go through what 'engage your core' means by breaking down different parts of the core. This chapter will also introduce some front facing poses.


Balancing & Putting It All Together

We're wrapping things up. You'll find poses where you stand on one leg and some techniques that will help you find balance. It's all about practising consistently from here on :)

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